DNG Münster

Deutsch-Niederländische Gesellschaft e.V. Münster

The association

Many communities in Westphalia, Lower Saxony and at the Dutch border are interested in cultivating the relations between Germany and the Netherlands. Our members are committed to fostering this.

The Association organises study trips, excursions, talks as well as personal encounters and discussions in order to deepen the knowledge on history, culture and economic affairs and to promote mutual understanding and friendships.

There had been many long-term friendships within the communities along the German-Dutch border which led to the foundation of the „deutsch-niederländischer Verein“ in Münster in 1932. The local German mercantile community had encouraged this foundation together with the city of Münster. At the same time similar steps had been taken in Enschede where an association had been founded as well.

Both institutions worked together closely. After the Second World War contacts were re-established, although cautiously at first. These led to the re-formation of the German-Dutch Association in Münster in 1951. Therefore our Association is one of the oldest still active associations of its kind along the German-Dutch border.

Members are representatives from the economy, politics, educational institutions and governmental institutions as well as individuals from both countries.